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Requirements of Membership


US and French forces in Operational Mentor and Team Liason training

Membership Application

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American enlisted men and women who served in France or in French possessions during World War I or World War II, and who were commissioned later are also eligible for membership in the Order of Lafayette, as well as commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers of the French Foreign Legion.


Membership in the order is also open to all recipients, regardless of rank, of the Medal of Honor or the French Medaille Militaire who served in France or French possessions during World War I or World War II, and are admitted as members without having to pay dues to the Order.


All lineal descendants, male or female, of original members, or those who would have qualified as original members, are eligible for full membership in the Order on reaching the age of twenty-one years.


Membership is also open to all American military personnel who served in close conjunction with French forces in Operation Desert Storm, Kosovo, Afghanistan, or the Somali coast. Service may include liaison officers, translators, training, special operations, as well as combat.


Anyone interested in membership may dowload the application by clicking on the pdf icon at left. Adobe reader is required, which may be downloaded free using the following link:


You may contact the Order at with your membership inquiry or you may use the inquiry form located on the Contact page.




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