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Available to its membership, the Order's insignia, below, are from Arthus Bertrand, Paris; silk ties from Barnard - Maine, along with blazer patches and rosettes which may be ordered.


In addition, the wonderful book "Lafayette" from one of the Order's distinguished guest speakers, Harlow Giles Unger, is available while supplies last.


You may send inquiries to:  or via the inquiry form on the Contact page.

Silk tie - 100% silk in navy with red stripes; Insignia crest. From Barnard - Maine, USA.


Large medal in enamel from Arthus Bertrand, Paris (may be subject to order)



Rosette  in plastic display/storage case.









Ladies' medal or Men's miniature in enamel. Hand tied on Order of Lafayette ribbon for ladies.



"Lafayette" - hardcover, 2003, by Harlow Giles Unger




Blazer patch - clutch back, silk treading, gold treaded lettering with green laurels.







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